About Us

Mention the word bad credit and it invokes in minds of many UK citizens the horror they have had to go through in an attempt to avail a phone contract. For long, having a poor credit rating has been a sin of sorts, an indictment on an individual’s personality so to speak. So bad has been the judgement that there has been pocket cases of UK citizens suffering from depression as a result of repeated rejections. Bassen Phones understand the pain, the anxiety, the stress and can be rest assured that they can get access to affordable bad credit mobile phones irrespective of how bad their credit rating is.

At Bassen Phones, we are all about helping you enjoy the services of a phone of your choice without looking at how poor your credit score is. Our wide array of bad credit mobile phones not to mention affordability of the same is what has put us on a different pedestal compared to other UK bad credit mobile phones service provider. We continue to give hope, change the lives of many UK citizens positively and ensure that they get access to phones of their choice without worrying about the state of their credit rating.

Our representatives are warm, knowledgeable, hospitable and always ready and willing to guide you into the right direction in so far as bad credit mobile phones are concerned.